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Commissioned Photography

Alternative process photographs of your vehicle make unique art statements within today's modern technological society. These types of photographs bring us back to the intimate days of photography when photographs were created by love and by hand - not computers with software - to mimic the older aspects of historic and classic vehicles.

For discriminating collectors of art and classic vehicles, these lost methods of photographic printmaking make elegant conversation pieces as well as gracefully accentuating ones decor.

One of originals are exclusively created for the discriminating collector and are custom framed to create an elegant presentation of one's vehicle or entire collection.

Gene Michael's Photorods® begin with a structured photo shoot by the artist. The resulting photographs are an interpretation of the client's vehicle.

Hand applied emulsion on watercolor, silver prints, and cyanotypes are a few of the printing processes that may be used to develop the desired emotional quality of the final piece.

Depending on the interpretation and requirements, one or more of these photographs may be incorporated to create a custom framed work of art that you will cherish for years to come.

This final hand crafted work of art is a hand signed original bearing the authentic Photorods® Seal, and after inspection, is presented over to the client with a title of ownership.



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