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Giclée: Full Definition

I began offering this service because of the numerous questions asked while vending at art shows, "Who does your printing?" I always replied, "All printing is done by myself including the giclees."

The Service

The Art work is photographed either digitally or reproduced on 4x5 film in a dedicated studio, color corrected to reproduce an accurate representation of the original, and then printed using pigment inks on fine art archival paper.

The final print is the result of a collaborative effort between the artist and myself to provide an accurate rendition of the original.

The Understanding

Ok - so what's the difference between Gene Michael and everyone else out there offering this service.

When you work with me, you receive professional courteous service with an eye for detail and the understanding of what it is like to sell your own work both in galleries and at art shows.

Please email for an artist consultation
or to book an appointment.


Artist Testimonial:

As an artist, one of my goals has been to have quality reproductions of my originals available for my collectors who are not yet in a position to purchase original works that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. I was unwilling though, to do so, unless I could provide a quality product that accurately reflected my original works.

I was thrilled to find Gene. Photorods reproduction services allowed me to offer beautiful giclee prints that accurately represent my original pieces. My oil painting entitled "GEORGIA on My Mind: Hibiscus" has been a particularly difficult image to reproduce because of the colors and the sheen of the paint and I had never had an image I was happy with.

Because Gene is an artist himself, he understands how important the image is to the artist and he worked directly with me to insure that the colors were as close as possible to the originals. His reproduction of Hibiscus is stunningly perfect. I now have reproductions that I am proud to sign as limited editions and which will ultimately increase the value of my art. I am sure anyone who uses Gene’s reproduction services will be as happy as I am with the quality of the reproductions he creates for them and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Kim O'Connor
KnockOut Design Gallery



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